Exhibit Virtual Tour Welcome to Journeys Through the Generations! 

Welcome to Journeys Through the Generations!  We are happy to present you with two different viewing options for the widely acclaimed Exhibit 2021 that drew over 6,000 visitors from all over the country.  For those viewers with ready internet access, you will be provided with a link to view both the Exhibit VIdeo and The Virtual Tour. For those viewers without ready internet access, we will send you a flashdrive with the Exhibit Video.  Should you find yourself at some point with internet access, you can email us at development@baisyaakov.net or call us during regular school hours at 443.548.7700, ext. 502, and you will be sent a coupon code to view the Virtual Tour within 48 hours.

The Exhibit Video provides viewers with a guided tour through the entire Exhibit, complete with narration.  The Virtual Tour allows viewers to see the Exhibit at their own pace and zoom in and study different aspects of each exhibit up close at the viewer’s own pace.  The Virtual Tour does not come with any sound.  In order to maximize your Exhibit experience, we recommend first watching the Exhibit Video and then going back to see those parts that you would like to spend more time on via the Virtual Tour. We hope you enjoy both of these viewing options however you decide to use them.  Happy watching!